Steri Stumpie Pancake

Steri Stumpie is a popular South African flavoured milk drink that comes in 350ml bottles. The South African chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen caused a stir when he cooked a pancake from this drink. Now is your chance to give it a try…

1 x 350ml Steri Stumpie of your choice, for one pancake

Pour the flavoured milk in to a frying pan set over a medium heat.
Bring to a simmer and wait……
Regulate the heat so that the milk cooks/evaporates but does not burn.
As long as the “pancake” sits/sticks to the pan, it is not cooked.
Remove from the heat once done and puff/fold into an interesting abstract shape.
Enjoy with another Steri Stumpie to wash it down????

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