Whisking Together

In this section I share your experiences of cooking and baking in the kitchen. Send me pictures of my recipes that you tried and tell me what you enjoyed most about it.

I saw a very weird recipe on this blog.  Whole Orange Cake.  Now, I hate orange juice.  But I love, I mean LOVE any cake/chocolate/pudding (food for that matter) with oranges in it.  So this immediately caught my eye.  But this is no ordinary orange cake.  You cook two oranges for hours until your whole house is turned into an orange smelling pleasure done (it is literally the best smell on earth) and until the oranges feel like “babas se koppies”.  This macabre insight was lockdown buddy’s contribution to the baking.  Then you mush it all up…skin, pips and all, and blend it in with the rest of the ingredients.  apparently this is the old Jewish way of doing it.

I substituted the sugar for xylitol, because it is not cheat day, and luckily it uses almond flour and quite a lot of eggs.  In other words, it is perfect for my weekday taste.

Good Lordy, what a fantastic thing this is!  It takes a while to make, but damn…if you have time (I suspect you do) and if you like something different but delicious, do yourself a favour and make this thing.  It is flipping GOOD.

Nadine Petrick

Janet Snyman from Cape Town made the Hollandaise sauce and had the following to say: “This recipe works like a bomb!  It was really easy to throw together in my simple, no-gadget kitchen”.

Comine baked Rene’s Marmite Cupcakes in her beautiful kitchen and very professional chefs hat!! Thanks for being such a sport Comine!

Theresa (mslovane) made the Chocolate Tart but added her own touch by using milk chocolate.  Well done Theresa!

Mitzi (prettypotplant) made the perfect summer canapés with shrimps instead of prawns. Well done Mitzi, it looks delish!

Ottmar and Niklas Wessels baked the chocolate chip biscuits with their mom Carin.  The chocolate chips were sold out but they improvised by replacing it with chopped chocolate.  Well done boys, you look like true professionals!

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