Drunken Lamb Chops

10ml cornstarch
15ml water
30ml brown sugar
60ml balsamic vinegar
60ml soy sauce
125ml brandy
45ml oyster sauce
60ml sesame oil
30ml rosemary leaves, finely chopped
6 cloves of garlic, minced
12 – 16 lamb chops

Add the cornstarch and water to a small bowl and stir together.
Add the brown sugar, balsamic and soy sauce to a small saucepan and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Bring to a boil over medium heat.
Stir the cornstarch again and pour it over the mixture while whisking.
Simmer over a low heat for about 3 minutes. The sauce should be thick enough to cover the back of a spoon.
Remove from the heat and cool completely.
Add the brandy, oyster sauce, sesame oil, rosemary and garlic to the sauce and mix together.
Measure out a third of the sauce and reserve for basting the meat on the grill.
Place the lamb in a shallow ceramic dish and spoon over the rest of the sauce. Marinate for 1 hour.
Grill the chops on a hot fire, 3 minutes a side while basting with the reserved sauce.
Rest covered for 4 minutes.
Serve with a glass of crispy wine.

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