Poached Beef Fillet with Chimichurri Sauce

This is an easy recipe that deliver fork-tender fillet and melts in your mouth…

Chimichurri Sauce:
60ml parsley
60ml chives
30ml thyme leaves
1 clove of garlic
2,5ml salt
125ml olive oil
45ml apple cider vinegar

1 whole beef fillet, trimmed
about 4 litres beef stock

For the Chimichurri Sauce:
Place the parsley, chives, thyme, garlic and salt on a chopping board and chop together until very fine.
Add the herb-mixture to a small bowl and pour in the olive oil and vinegar.
Stir together until the salt has dissolved.
Cover and set aside at room temperature so that the flavours can develop.

Put a cast iron pan over high heat and wait for it to warm up.
Pat the fillet dry and season generously with salt and pepper.
Now sear the fillet in the hot pan, on both sides. If the meat sticks to the pan when you want to turn it, it simply means it hasn’t caramelised enough. Be patient and wait until it comes loose easily and then turn it.
Place the browned fillet in a large saucepan and pour in enough stock to cover it by at least 3 cm.
Bring the stock to the boil, turn the heat down to a simmer and cook for one hour. Do not cover the saucepan and check the liquid every now and then – top up the stock so that the fillet stays submerged.
Turn off the heat and now place a lid on the saucepan. Rest the fillet in the stock for one hour.
Remove the meat from the saucepan and pat it dry with a clean tea towel.
Slice in to 0,5cm thick slices and arrange on a serving plate.
Serve the fillet with the Chimichurri sauce.

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