Greek Calamari Pita

These calamari filled pita breads are the perfect casual weekend food for entertaining friends and family!! Serve them with a crisp, cold chardonnay and kick back Greek style!!

Lemon-Yoghurt Sauce:
125ml yoghurt
1 clove garlic, minced
5ml dijon mustard
45ml lemon juice
a handful of basil leaves, torn

1 kg calamari rings, washed and dried
45ml sunflower oil
1 lemon
salt and pepper

about 2 cos lettuce, shredded

Pita Bread – If you want to bake your own fresh pita bread you can go to the SEARCH goggle on this block to find the recipe

For the Sauce:
Add all the ingredients to a small bowl and mix well.
Cover with plastic wrap and set aside to infuse at room temperature.

Place a heavy-bottom pan over high heat and wait 2-3 minutes for the pan to get hot.
Turn the heat down slightly, more high than medium-high, add the oil to the pan and then the calamari rings.
Stir the calamari around for 2 minutes, NO MORE!, and immediately remove the pan from the heat.
Squeeze the lemon onto the calamari while it is still sizzling and season generously with salt and pepper.

Hold the pita bread upright (on the seam) and make an incision about a third of its circumference.
Lightly push two fingers in and wiggle them around to separate and open the inside of the bread, so that you have a large pocket.
Scoop a spoonful of the lemon sauce into the cavity and smear it around with the back of the spoon.
Place a thin layer of the shredded lettuce on the bottom of the pocket, then a layer of calamari and then a layer of the sauce.
Push all of this down with the back of the spoon so that you will have enough space for a repeat of layers.

Serve the calamari pitas with the leftover sauce on the side.

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