Tuck Shop Brownies

These fudge little cake slices is an all-time South African favourite and can be found in almost every school’s tuck shop. If it was up to me to name them it would have been called biscuit fudge. They are quick and easy to make with no baking involved!

125g butter

15ml cocoa powder

500ml icing sugar

2,5ml vanilla

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 X 200g packet Marie biscuits, crushed (or digestive biscuits)

Line a 18cm X 28cm baking tin or ceramic dish with baking paper.

Add the butter, cocoa powder and icing sugar to a saucepan and put it on VERY low heat.

Stir the ingredients around until the butter has melted – do not be impatient!

Take the melted mixture off the heat and stir in the vanilla.

Beat the egg with a fork and add to the mixture. Mix well.

Add the crushed biscuits and mix until all the biscuit bits are covered in the cocoa mixture.

Scoop the mixture into the prepared tin, press down onto the mixture and level the top.

Allow to cool completely in the refrigerator.

Cut into squares and store in a sealable container.

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