Homemade Olive Tapenade

Olive tapenade is such a versatile staple to have in your refrigerator during the long summer months … serve it as an appetiser with crostini or crusty bread; as a dip to crudités; spoon a dollop on top of fish before baking it in the oven; stuff some portobello mushrooms or mix it into your pasta sauce, to add some depth of flavour. Easy, quick, delicious – you can not ask for more!

250ml black olives, pitted

2 anchovy fillets

45ml capers

80ml olive oil

Add the pitted olives, anchovies, capers and half of the olive oil to a food processor. Blitz together.

Now, taste the tapenade and think about what you want to use it for: do you want something that will “sit” on a crostini or are you going to use it as a dip. Decide on the texture and then add more olive oil if you prefer.

Store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

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