Baked Apple

Bake these apples when you have a craving for syrupy, cinnamon filled pastries.


A handful of raisins and nuts

Cinnamon, mixed spice and brown sugar

Shortcrust pastry / store-bought pastry

One egg and a dash of milk, lightly beaten


10g cake flour

8g butter

5g sugar

Select the apples you want to bake. Wash and dry each thoroughly.

Cut off the tops and with a teaspoon, carefully take out the core and flesh so that you are left with a hollow apple.

Put the fleshy bits, some raisins and a splash of water into a small saucepan. Add some mixed spice, cinnamon and brown sugar and simmer to soften the fruit. Take off the heat and cool.

Spoon the fruit mixture into the apples


you can cover the apples with the pastry before spooning in the fruit mixture.

Dust a work surface with some flour and roll out the pastry to 3mm thickness. Place the apple in the centre of the pastry and make spike-like cuts all around. Fold each cut piece of pastry over the outside of the apple. Keep going until the entire apple is covered with pastry.


Add the butter, flour and brown sugar to a small bowl and rub together until the mixture resembles grains of rice. It should be well mixed but clumpy. Top off the apples with the crumble.

Brush the pastry with the egg and milk mixture and bake at 200℃ for 15 – 20 minutes or until the pastry is golden and the baked apple aroma fills your kitchen.

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